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Our clip-on veneers are an excellent alternative to cosmetic dentistry.  They can disguise teeth that are stained, yellowing, chipped, crooked, missing or tooth gaps, without any invasive dental surgery.






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Teeth Whitening Fairies Clip On Veneers

We don’t believe in the click and buy approach.  When it comes to purchasing your gorgeous clip on veneers you will be required to complete your own Dental Impressions, this step is highly important and can be tricky if never done before.  As part of your Teeth Whitening Fairies purchase, this will include an Online Consultation to provide you with guidance & support in getting your perfect impression.  We all know that first impressions are key, let’s get it right! 

We have a choice of three colours to choose from B1, A1 & A2.


The brightest white
This is a bleached artificial shade, the brightest super-white shade available. It does give the appearance of being artificially bright- so it will look like you are wearing permanent or clip-on veneers.


The natural white
This is the most popular shade choice. This is the brightest that teeth can look naturally. It gives the appearance of somebody who has had a professional tooth whitening procedure.


This is a natural but light ivory shade
It is not as bright as A1 and is more of a natural look. Approximately 70% of the population naturally have A3 shade, so A2 tends to suit people who want to brighten by only 1 degree of shade.

Whichever shade you choose, your veneers will be custom-made to fit the exact specification of your existing teeth, using a personal impression to make sure you get the best possible fit.

The Process

Our clip-on veneers are an excellent alternative to cosmetic dentistry.  They can disguise teeth that are stained, yellowing, chipped, crooked, missing or tooth gaps, without any invasive dental surgery.

If you are embarrassed by gaps, uneven, crooked, or discoloured teeth; or you just want a brighter, more confident smile, then our custom-fit clip-on veneers made to your own dental profile, are the perfect solution. 

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To achieve the best results possible and best business practice is to have a consultation with ourselves to go through everything in detail.  On average clients get anywhere from 4 to 14 shades whiter depending on the mineral content with the dentine. Our Technicians will be at hand to give you the best advice in aftercare and maintenance.  With our whitening products and 3 in 1 whitening system with our most advanced oral care in or sonic toothbrush range we know how to achieve maximum whiteness and longevity for your teeth.  With the most advanced technology with our laser machines, our experienced technicians & dental professionals, our aftercare products and the best advice in oral care with our sonic toothbrush range. Our customer satisfaction is paramount and we give the best advice for every individual’s unique tooth and their desired whiteness and how to achieve it specific to them. We want our customers to have their best healthy smile.
Results last between 3 to 6 months depending on your oral hygiene but with proper maintenance and aftercare results can last up to 2 years. For example, going home with one of our take home kits is highly recommended as it has enough for 40 treatments. The amount of treatments gotten is unique in the marketplace, no other kit provides this amount of gel. This use of the kit will maintain your teeth at their maximum and keep uniformity long after your in-clinic laser treatment.  Many clients also come back in for regular top up procedures.  At the teeth whitening fairies, we are here to give the optimal advice on the many ways to keep your best healthy smile with maximum whiteness, for the longest periods, but with best oral care as well. 
ABSOLUTELY NOT, This non evasive treatment absolutely guarantees 100% no sensitivity.  All our machines and products are fully EU compliant and highly regulated by the Irish Medicines board.  So you have nothing to worry about, you are in safe hands.  Our machines work on a cold blue light  system and filter out all UV and IR light and our whitening gels and products have full toxicology and safety reports.  No damage to teeth or gums is possible ,100% safe.
Teeth whitening is both intrinsic and extrinsic,  our laser machines simply accelerates the process of whitening. They remove the staining that has built up on your enamel and dentine.  Rather than doing overnight trays that can cause sensitivity issues and are extremely cumbersome, our process takes only 1 hr from start to finish to see immediate results.  Our machines work at 480 to 520 nanometers which is the optimum to react with the gel and break down the stain molecule within the tooth. Again everything will be explained in more detail with our free consultation and aftercare treatment notes.  Our job as teeth whitening technicians is to get you, the customers to their maximum whiteness. We will give you the best advice on how to maintain your maximum results with the best in oral care and aftercare.
The in-clinic laser teeth whitening takes approximately 1 hr with consultation and aftercare advice.  Some clients may need to come back in for extra treatments if they have severe staining or really thick enamel, but on average most clients can achieve maximum results in 1 hr.  In the rare occasion that a client gets fad back issues we can again resolve this by bringing the client back in for a 20 minute top up which in most cases will resolve any issues.  Again correct aftercare advice will be given to the individual for their particular tooth and how to get best results for them.  Your technician is at hand for any questions you may have on the treatment and aftercare.

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The Highest Quality in the Market

Teeth Whiting Fairies provide quality affordable clip-on veneers direct to the public. We have associated with a dental laboratory in the UK with qualified Dental Technicians with approximately 35 years experience in the dental technology industry. We are proud of what our laboratory manufactures and unlike some of our competitors, you can be sure everything we offer is made in the UK, not in far-away countries. This means we can provide you with the quickest turnaround and most reliable service possible. Our Lab has a team of experienced technicians on-hand to produce your veneers using high-quality materials to your personal specification and to give you maximum comfort. Our veneers are individually designed and hand-finished by our laboratories experienced in-house experts, to give you veneers second to none in terms of the level of realistic detailing and quality.